Project Details

Client: High Steel Structures
Location: Brooklyn and Queens, New York City
Capex: $318 million
Project duration: 2017- 2019
Owner: New York State Department of Transportation
Design firm: WSP Global
Architect: Touchstone Architecture
Engineer: WSP Global
Contractor: Granite Construction Inc.

Scope of Work

  • 3D modeling and shop detailing of approximately 2,800 tons of structural steel including floor beams, edge girders, pipe anchors and a full-length traveler system
  • 34,000 shop attached studs

Project Stats

  • Single pylon design with main span of 1000-ft
  • 20-ft wide bikeway/walkway
  • Aesthetic colored lighting design system that will allow for dynamic light shows to illuminate the stay cables and pylon towers at night
  • 100-year service life


Highlights & Challenges

  • K2 Bridge will be the second cable stayed roadway bridge in New York City
  • As was the case with K1, final geometry was sorted out after IFC drawings were issued; cable anchor connection details were also modified along the way to suit a variety of fit up issues
  • There were over 33,000 shop attached studs that had to be coordinated with precast rebar locations that were not available until after modeling and edited drawings were complete
  • Complex modeling at the rocket launchers and girders


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